build a truck camper cheap
14 Dec / 2014

How To Build A Truck Camper For Dirt Cheap


The Secret To Building A Camper For Dirt Cheap

The beauty of building your own custom camper is that you can do whatever the heck you want -- Including... KEEP. IT. SIMPLE.

My goal is to live simply, and the simple truth is, I don't even need 90% of the features found in commercial campers.

So why even consider paying for countless features I don't need, when I could easily build my own "essentialist" camper and get a 98% Discount off the retail price!

So what's the big secret...?

The Secret to Building A Camper For Dirt Cheap Is To Keep It "Stupidly" Simple

The "Stupidly" part is key. It's way too easy to let your ego run the planning process, adding all kinds of tricky features that would be "really impressive" if you can actually get them done. Unfortunately, most people who start dreaming of building a camper never finish "dreaming" about building a camper. If you want to be absolutely sure you can get it done, so you can finally start camping in it, the best way is to dramatically simplify your plans for a minimally "campable" camper -- then build it and start camping! (You can always add things later AFTER you start camping. After which point, you may find you don't actually need all those extra things after all, but your ego will be so proud to realize that you're actually camping in something you've built on your own that it won't matter!)

So how do you simplify?

The way to do that is to carefully think through every little "feature" you think you need in your camper, and one-by-one, start eliminating items you can accomplish in some way other than permanent installation, until all you're left with are "The Essentials".

OK, so what's considered essential?

Well, that's entirely up to you to decide. There will inevitably be some amount of "standard features" that you can't part with, not out of weakness, but maybe because they're the major reasons you want a camper in the first place!

My own reasons for building a truck camper for full-time camping include...

  • Wanting to live in the wilderness.
  • Wanting to be off the grid.
  • Wanting to save tons of money.
  • Wanting to build my "tiny house" with my own hands.
  • Wanting the pride of knowing I did all of those things on my own.
  • Wanting to do it in a simple straightforward way that could be an inspiration to others with similar ideals.

So for me...
Simple, Cheap, and Low-Tech are part of my essential design criteria!
Yours will certainly differ from mine. The question is... Is there a way you can "hack" those basic features to save you tons of time and money, so you can begin camping way sooner than you ever thought possible?