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1 Sep / 2014

How Off The Grid Do You Really Want To Be? (Book Excerpt)

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How off the grid do you really want to be? Mobile Rik book excerpt.

UPDATE: The book was released as digital download on Thursday September 4. Along with the book, I'm offering membership to its companion video site with over 180 minutes of footage from various stages of construction.

diy truck camper book

To get the special launch price, make sure you are on my DIY Truck Camper mailing list.

Here are two more excerpts I've posted:

2 thoughts on “How Off The Grid Do You Really Want To Be? (Book Excerpt)”

  1. donald

    way off the grid~ I told you I did heating air, Can change electrical motors. But I also have “Aquaponic Garden stuff too” Look it up. I have 2 @ 275 gall tanks for fish & 8 55 gal. barrels cut long ways for food. The
    nitrates from fish pee & poop will cause the veg. to kick into high. I want out.

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